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What do you get?

On-Site Spot at the MEF Expo:
Provides your company with a physical location or booth
at the MEF Expo venue. It’s an
exclusive space where you can showcase your
products, services, and engaging with event

Branded Desk: A customized desk with your company’s
logo and branding, creating a professional and cohesive
Look for your expo space.

Flyer Holder: A designated space to display promotional
materials, brochures, or flyers about your company,
products or services for attendees to easily access.

Eco-friendly Branded Backdrop: A large display area
with an environmentally friendly backdrop featuring
your company’s branding. This element is not only
promotes your brand but also aligns with sustainability

LCD for Presentations:
An LCD screen is included in your expo space to project
presentations, product demos, or promotional videos.
This interactive element enhances your ability to engage
with attendees and deliver dynamic content.